C’est Moi: “Jelle, you are grounded!”
Jelle: “How? What did I do?!?”
C’est Moi: “Nothing, but you’re almost 18 and free to move out as you please. I just take the opportunity while I can.”
Jelle: “But I didn’t do anything wrong!”
C’est Moi: “Well, quickly do something naughty.”
Jelle: “How? I’m grounded.”
C’est Moi: “Do it after your grounding is over.”
Jelle: “Papa!”


The cheerful daily adventures of a mixed Dutch family with Nigerian, Arubian, Frisian, Brabantian, Cameronian and Estonian roots. Living plain and simple happy in the Boogie Down Bims, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Written and created by Auke VanderHoek

#mixed #extended #family #raisingkids #kids #grounded #dutchfamily #nigeria #aruba #frisia #brabantia #cameroon #estonia #bims #boogiedown #bijlmer #amsterdam #aukevanderhoek #writer 

Gepost door:Auke VanderHoek

Content writer and visualizer. Fotograaf, journalist, schrijver en dichter.

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