Nap time and I’m bringing the little one upstairs. With one hand she holds mine, with the other she tries to grab the handrail.

Laïla: “Can’t do. Papa can.”
C’est Moi: “I can grab it?”
Laïla: “Yes, I’m a little girl and papa is a big girl.”
C’est Moi: “I’m a big girl?”
Laïla: “Yes.”

Nice, another lesson learned.


‘Well one day they will’ – The cheerful daily adventures of a extended Dutch family, and friends, with Nigerian, Arubian, Frisian, Brabantian, Cameronian and Estonian roots. Living plain and simple happy in the Boogie Down Bims, Amsterdam Southeast.

#mixed #extended #family #raisingkids #kids #toddler #grounded #dutchfamily #nigeria #aruba #frisia #brabantia #cameroon #estonia #bims #boogiedown #bijlmer #amsterdam #aukevanderhoek #writer

“Papa is a big girl”, says my toddler Laïla
Gepost door:Auke VanderHoek

Content met inhoud in woord en beeld. Fotograaf, journalist, schrijver en dichter.

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