Cute little boys becoming men… Still cute, though.

“Box!”, orders Jelle. Surprised Marciano raises his fist and answers those of Jelle and me. The best friend of Jelle did not see us coming in the Shopperhal, ArenA Poort, while he waits for his turn to order a sandwich. “Hey, Jelle! Hi pa of Jelle,” and a nice big smile welcomes us. We keep him company and chat.We keep him company and chat.

Jelle and Marciano are best friends for over more than thirteen years, since they moved to the same block in the E-Neighbourhood.

C’est Moi: “I can still remember vividly how you little boys both were playing with Lego behind my desk chair while I was working.”
Both cherish those memories with a big smile.

“Whoop, that’s the sound of the police”, or at least two kids imitating that sound.

Jelle: “Or that day we were in the fire truck. Or was it a police car?”
Marciano: “We had a head on, of some sort.”
C’est Moi: “You were still little boys and cute.”
Marciano, self-assured: “Now we are even bigger than you.”

I stand in front of him and remove my head. It’s close but I’m still the tallest. Marciano starts laughing.
Marciano: “You have have a lot of head under your hat.”


Gepost door:Auke VanderHoek

Content met inhoud in woord en beeld. Fotograaf, journalist, schrijver en dichter.

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